USB Safely Remove 10000 Free Genuine Licenses Giveaway Offer [Expired]

sr-icon-large-trWe provided information about USB Safely Remove 4.1 Lifetime License giveaway back in August. It is likely you even got your free license for v. 4.1 together with other ~36,500 users.

We are glad to share another offer for USB Safely Remove 4.1 if you missed the previous giveaway. We wish to share with the world that 10,000 free licenses for USB Safely Remove 4.1 are now being given away by on a first come first serve basis! This offer will finish when the last from 10K people receive his free license. If you still do not have a license for ‘USB Safely Remove’ grab it now for free.

USB Safely Remove saves you from these problems and offers an original and multifunctional stopping menu, which displays real device names with icons. Using this menu you can find and stop a device in a snap! USB Safely Remove 4.1 improves on program autorun feature to support unlimited number of processes to launch, optional command line parameters, new events to launch programs, and global autorun for all hot-plug devices. It also includes one-click templates to allow users to set up all the listed actions with a few mouse clicks. The program icon in the system tray is now also changed depending on the state of devices such as when all connected devices are active, no connected hot-plug devices, or one or more devices are stopped but not unplugged yet.


The ability to show user programs which prevent the device from being stopped and let user close these programs or just files they opened on the device, keyboard shortcut support, USB, SATA, FireWire, PCMCIA support and return stopped device back online.


How to get the License:

  • First visit the 10K license giveaway page.
  • Fill up your name and a valid email address.
  • You will then receive the license in your mailbox.

License conditions:

  • The license is valid only for v. 4.1 so if you wish to upgrade to future version you have to purchase a lifetime license.
  • You can use the program personally on each of your computers
  • You can use this version for lifetime

Please download and install the latest version ( first:

  • To finish the registration, click on “Help|Enter License Key…”

Be quick and get the offer before the licenses vanishes!

Note: This license giveaway is available only in USA, UK, Europe, Down Under and South Africa.

P. S. You can get the license even if you are not from those countries by using a proxy from any of those countries. Enjoy!

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