Browser Chooser Gives Flexibility To Choose What Browser To Use For Any Given Task

Almost every user now-a-days likes to keep installed the major browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc. on their computers. The reason for this is the different choices and features that you get from these browsers.

Its great having them all installed but the problem with any Operating system as such Windows is, it only allows us to keep only one browser as the default one. So, if you are trying to open a saved page or an application launches a link, it will open up in the default browser, no matter if you wanted it to open in a different browser.

If you’re a web developer, and you need to test your site in several different browsers, having a quick way to switch between them is even more useful. Even if you are a general user and switches browsers according to the needs will like to have the flexibility of changing the browser instead of only opening the default browser.

That’s the idea behind Browser Chooser, it is a Windows application that acts as your default browser and lets you pick which browser to open a link in. Browser Chooser gives you the flexibility of choosing the browser on-the-fly. Instead of opening a URL or the saved HTML web page in the default browser you will see a dialog box with the icons of the browsers you have installed on your system. You can then pick the browser you would like to open.


Browser Chooser has slots for four browsers, which should be plenty for the general/average user, but you might feel the need for more slots, if you’re testing things across different versions.

The setup is pretty simple, you add the browsers you want and click on “Set as default browser” button. Now, when you open a new link, you’ll get to select the right browser.

You can download Browser Chooser from the official page.

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