UBitMenu – Get Classic Menu Interface for Office 2007 / Office 2010

I love the ribbon interface of Office 2007 but one of the most frequent reaction that I’ve heard towards this ribbon interface is “Where is the menu bar gone?” or “Why they had to change the user interface altogether?” and so on. I’ve also seen some revert back to Office 2003 due to this change in interface. If this describes you then you might find UBitMenu very useful. UBitMenu provides the user interface of the old Office 2003 interface even when you are using Office 2007. UBitMenu does not hide the ribbon interface, but adds the classic menu as a new ribbon. Gradually you will realize that many functions are easier to handle using Office ribbons and you will slowly shift towards using the ribbon interface. UBitMenuUK Once installed, UBitMenu will add a tab entitled “Menu” to the Office 2007 ribbons; clicking on this will display the emulated Office 2003 interface. You can switch back and forth to any of the Office 2007 tabs at any time if you need to. It emulates the classic menu of the following Office 2003 applications: Excel, Word and PowerPoint. Also emulates Excel 2003 keyboard shortcuts and toolbars. Although the developer’s site is in German, there is an English language version available as well as a handful of other languages. If you ever want to uninstall UBitMenu, then uninstall from the Add/Remove Programs under the Control Panel just as you would uninstall any other program. 5b59c59bbc

UBitMenu Advantages

  • It is based on standard Microsoft Office-AddIn technology.
  • It has no active code elements (no virus scanner hassle).
  • It has no VSTO or .NET-environment or configuration needed.
  • It has no dependencies.
  • It is extremely small in file size.
  • It has no impact on performance.

657517d9b1 UBitMenu can be installed with standard user rights on any Office 2007 / Office 2010 environment. You may need to save the file to a trusted location on your hard disk before you run the setup. Download UBitMenu Important: Office 2010 does not have a built-in classic menu. UBitMenu download will also work with the current version of Office 2010.

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