USBDriveFresher – Easily Cleanup USB Drives off any Junk Files

usb-driveWindows automatically creates files like thumbs.db, or.Trashes folder, or .Spotlight-V100, or the ones with the underscore at the start of the name on our storage devices. This includes the hard disk drive, USB drives, etc. Sometimes these files eats up precious disk space and getting rid of them is required, especially when its a portable USB drives where disk space is very limited.

Here’s a free tool USBDriveFresher that does this dirty job of getting rid of these files and helps you get back disk space. It cleans up all these unwanted files automatically or according to the rules set by you. It has the capability of cleaning up all your attached portable drives using a single click. It can also clean up folders too.



  • Customizable cleanup patterns
  • Predefined patterns
  • Cleanup USB drive with a mouse click
  • Auto clean USB drive when you plug it in
  • Folder cleanup

Using the USBDriveFresher is very easy and the setting up the configuration is very straight forward and requires only clicking on the available options. These options are self-explanatory and easy.



Using USBDriveFresher you’ll never see those files again. It is designed to be a “Set it and forget” tool. Its free for personal use.


Download USBDriveFresher

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