Google Inbox: The Revolutionary Intelligent Way to Email

Google Inbox is the new intelligent way to email. If you have never heard about Google Inbox, well, Inbox is a new service that transforms the way you used to use email, traditionally. Inbox runs on Gmail and it transforms everything from your Gmail account for you in Inbox. At this moment, to access Inbox, you need to ask Google for an invite. More information about how to request for Google Inbox is at the end of this post. Once accepted, you will be able to use it on all supported devices and platforms.


Google Inbox App 101: Functions, Features, Enhancements, More…

Once you receive Inbox invite, you need to login to activate Inbox for your account. When you login, Inbox scans your email account. Inbox categorizes all your emails and presents important parts of the email first. It then groups similar emails as “Bundles”, named by type (e.g., “Social” or “Updates”). You can create custom “Bundles” like Gmail filters, and can specify the time of day to show the Bundle.


You can use Inbox app to organize emails using quick actions. For example, when you swipe the screen to the right, it archives the message. When you swipe left, it defers (“snoozes”) the message for later. When you keep your finger on the screen for a few seconds, you can get access to to more functions. You will find bulk actions that you can do, like archiving, snoozing, or deleting emails in batches.

Inbox displays all your emails in chronological order, with newest messages at the top. You can pin important email to the top of the screen as a Reminders to-do list.

At the bottom right corner of the app screen, you will find a red (+) button that lets you access the “compose” button. Most recent contacts appears so you can send them an email or you can tap the compose button to compose a new email.

The recent update of Google Inbox makes it compatible with more web browsers and devices. Google Inbox app is now optimized for iPad and Android tablets. Moreover, you can now use Google Inbox in Firefox and Safari desktop web browsers. Mobile web browsers are not yet supported. You need to install the iOS app or the Android app to use Google Inbox on a mobile device.

Inbox is not yet supported on Internet Explorer. Windows users need to either use Chrome or Firefox to access Inbox. Internet Explorer users will see an error message if they try to access Inbox.

“Oops, your browser is not yet supported. Inbox works best on Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. More browsers coming soon.”


If you are using an old version of any supported browsers, you will see an error message.

“It’s been a while since your browser was last updated. Please upgrade to the latest version to continue using Inbox.”

Google Apps for custom email domains is not yet supported by Inbox.

How to request for Google Inbox invite?

You need an invitation to access Inbox. Use your Gmail address to send an email to [email protected] to request your invitation.


What are your thoughts about Inbox? Like it? Hate it? Share your thoughts with us about Inbox below through comments.

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