Facebook Messenger For Firefox Now Available, The First Social API App

Mozilla announced few days back about Firefox beta’s preliminary support for Social APIs. Mozilla has finally come up with the very first app based on this Social API’s, Facebook Messenger for Firefox. This app is really slick in design and functionality. If you are one of those Facebook users who are always online, you will like this app. But to make the app work on Firefox, you need to run the latest Firefox beta version (version 17 or newer releases).

Mozilla during the announcement stated that, “Much like the OpenSearch standard, the Social API enables developers to integrate social services into the browser in a way that is meaningful and helpful to users. As services integrate with Firefox via the Social API sidebar, it will be easy for you to keep up with friends and family anywhere you go on the Web without having to open a new Web page or switch between tabs. You can stay connected to your favorite social network even while you are surfing the Web, watching a video or playing a game.”

facebook messenger for firefox

How to turn on Facebook Messenger for Firefox?

Technically, you just need to open the latest Firefox Beta or Aurora version and visit this link. You don’t need to download anything, but you just simply click on the Turn On button.

As simple as that, and Facebook Messenger will start working as a native Firefox app, right inside the browser along with the familiar sidebar. You can now Login to Facebook now and start working with it. The sidebar displays all your friends, while you can use the chat window to chat with your friends while you browse on other websites.

How to turn off Facebook Messenger for Firefox?

Switching Facebook Messenger for Firefox is not simple like clicking any turn off button. To switch off Facebook Messenger for Firefox, open Options > Preferences and deselect the check box that says “Facebook Messenger for Firefox”.

If you are a Facebook fan or a regular user, you will be already familiar with the Facebook chat bar and the friends, messages, notifications on the site, you will not find much differences here and will not face any trouble.

Looking at what Messenger for Firefox is capable of, Social APIs surely looks promising. As Mozilla said, “The Social API will ultimately support multiple providers and has endless potential for integrating social networks, e-mail, finance, news and other applications into your Firefox experience”. All this is surely going to change the way we browse the Internet.

What do you feel about Facebook Messenger For Firefox and Social APIs? Share your thoughts below in the comments.

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