How to Enable Google Verbatim Search

Google has debuted a new search tool “Verbatim” that enables you to get results for your query exactly as you wrote it.

Google Search does a lot of work behind the scene to offer you relevant search results. Normally, when you use Google Search, Google intelligently provides a lot of results which are close to your search query. Improvements like automated spelling corrections, search for synonyms and similar or omit terms that may be redundant or irrelevant from your query, search for words with the same stem, like “running” when you actually searched for run helps you find what you wanted even if it’s not exactly what you type in.

But, sometimes even these intelligent changes do not yield good results. Sometimes you may have meant to search for the exact words you have typed and not the Google “corrected” version. For this reason, Google came up with their new Verbatim search tool. When you use Verbatim, Google returns results that matches the exact keywords you type in and drops all tweaks, personalizations and advanced search enhancements.

How to turn on Verbatim Feature?

  1. Click More search tools on the left side of the search results page.
  2. Click Verbatim.
  3. Type your search terms into the search box and type Enter.

Even though this new search tool is a good addition but the way Google has implemented it has let us wondered if they actually want a lot of users to use it? Since, the new “Verbatim” search tool is hidden under “More search tools,” it takes longer for a user to use. You have to first type your query, then go to “More search tools,” then you click “Verbatim,” after which your query will be run again.

Google could have come up with a better way to implement it instead of hiding it and making it a pain to use. What are your thoughts on the new search tool? Are you satisfied by the results it is generating?

Image credits: Google

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