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Google Chrome 7

Disable Chrome Metro, Always Open Google Chrome In Windows 8 Desktop

Windows 8 flaunts two different user interfaces, the new modern “Metro” interface and the classic desktop interface. Now, the problem with this is if your favorite web browser supports the new interface, you will actually end up using two versions of the same browser. The first version which is easily accessible through...

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NovaBackup 12 Professional Review

NovaBackup 12 Professional Review

Review posted on Jun 23, 2011. Before proceeding please read my comment. In this digital age, we store data commonly in hard disks, but we should be extra cautious about our precious data. As hard disks are getting cheaper and cheaper, everyone is storing everything they can in them. But,...

Windows 8 User Interface Revealed by Microsoft 2

Windows 8 User Interface Revealed by Microsoft

Microsoft has for the first time revealed the user interface of Windows 8. At the D9 Conference, Microsoft demonstrated the next generation of Windows, internally code-named “Windows 8,” for the first time. Microsoft revealed a number of details of the operating system’s new interface through a press release and to All Things...

Install Unity 2D on Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick) [How To] 0

Install Unity 2D on Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick) [How To]

In one of our earlier articles, we shared a good news for Ubuntu 10.10 “Maverick” users who wants to get Unity 2D without upgrading to the latest Ubuntu 11.04 version. Unity 2D is basically a desktop shell developed for hardware platforms that don’t support Unity’s OpenGL requirements. In other words, it’s developed...

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