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Best Free Duplicate File Finder For Windows

Duplicate files may seem harmless to many computer users. If only users knew that these files causes more trouble than good. They eat up hard disk space and system resources, further slowing down your computer. Before you will even know, your large 1 TB or more hard disk space gets...

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Uninstall an App Completely with Revo Uninstaller [Windows, Software Review]

Whenever you uninstall application from your Windows operating system, theoretically, it should uninstall completely. Sadly, in reality, sometimes you will find that when you uninstall an application, it has left few files and unwanted registry entries behind. Down the road, you will notice Windows starts giving performance and compatibility issues. Manually finding...

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USBDriveFresher – Easily Cleanup USB Drives off any Junk Files

Windows automatically creates files like thumbs.db, or.Trashes folder, or .Spotlight-V100, or the ones with the underscore at the start of the name on our storage devices. This includes the hard disk drive, USB drives, etc. Sometimes these files eats up precious disk space and getting rid of them is required, especially when...