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Microsoft Office for iPad Apps Product Guide Available For Download

Microsoft’s Office for iPad Apps was officially released by the Redmond-based software giant in the last week of March, 2014. Office for iPad App is the iPad optimized avatar of the Microsoft’s popular productivity suite, Office 365. Instead of a single app, Office for iPad Apps is basically a collection of...

Microsoft Office 365 University and SkyDrive Offer 6

Get Office 365 Free for Three Months and 20 GB of SkyDrive Storage

Microsoft’s new range of office suite, Office 2013 and Office 365 are already released. To promote the new Office 365 office suite, Microsoft has started a brand new campaign. The campaign specifically targets students who might want to give Office 365 University a try. Through this special promotion, Microsoft is...

Windows Live Essentials Beta Download Now Available 2

Windows Live Essentials Beta Download Now Available

Microsoft’s new Windows Live Essentials or Wave 4 is ready to rock – in beta form. If you’re interested in checking out the new releases, then visit the Live Essentials beta download page now. You can download Windows Live Essentials beta from the official website. Downloads are provided in seven different...