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Mozilla Firefox for Windows 10 Officially Confirmed, Will Be Fully Compatible With the OS

Mozilla has officially announced Firefox for Windows 10 on the foundation’s official blog. The official release of Windows 10 is set on July 29, 2015. With the new operating system Microsoft is shipping its brand new Microsoft Edge web browser. The upcoming Edge web browser is already getting a lot...

Firefox 4: First 48 Hours, A Tale [Two Infographics] 2

Firefox 4: First 48 Hours, A Tale [Two Infographics]

Mozilla on March 22 released the Firefox 4 final. After the release, the web browser was downloaded 7.1 million times in its first day and in the first 48 hours of release, Mozilla racked up more than 15.85 million downloads. Mozilla blog has put together an infographic detailing the first 48 hours...

Mozilla Thunderbird 3.1.2 Stability Fix Update Released [Downloads] 0

Mozilla Thunderbird 3.1.2 Stability Fix Update Released [Downloads]

Mozilla Messaging has released the new update of the most popular email client Mozilla Thunderbird and now the version is 3.1.2. This releases fixes some stability issues and several user experience concerns. Thunderbird 3.1.2 fixes the following issues in Thunderbird 3.1.1: Several fixes to improve stability. Several fixes to the user interface.


Mozilla Firefox 3.5 Released

Please visit the page about Latest Version of Mozilla Firefox to download it. Mozilla has released the final version of its web browser Firefox 3.5 for download. If you were using Mozilla Firefox version 3.0.11 then you can update to the latest version using the following method: Open Firefox 3.0.11...