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VirusTotal Uploader for OS X 0

VirusTotal Uploader For OS X (Official Release)

VirusTotal is an online virus scanner for malware analysis by Google. It is widely used around the world to analyze suspicious files and URLs. VirusTotal uses a simple concept of scanning a suspicious file or URL using more than 50 malware scanners. If you regularly download from the Internet, your...


Kaspersky Security Scan: Free Cloud-Based Malware Scanner

Kaspersky Labs released a new free cloud scanner, called¬†Kaspersky Security Scan. Kaspersky Security Scan retrieves malware information from the cloud and scans your computer to find the latest threats. Kaspersky’s free cloud scanner doesn’t replaces your regular antivirus because it lacks real-time protection support but is an on-demand malware scanner.

Norman Security Suite 8 Free License Valid for 4 Years [DnBNOR Edition] 2

Norman Security Suite 8 Free License Valid for 4 Years [DnBNOR Edition]

Norman Security Suite 8 DnBNOR edition is a special edition of the latest version of Norman Security Suite, offered free by the company. This special edition does not need any license key to install and activate the program, and will protect your computer for 4 years, which is really long!...