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Windows 8.1 Update 1 0

Microsoft Blocks Free Windows 8 Activation Using Windows 8 Media Center License Flaw

When Microsoft started giving away free license keys of Windows 8 Pro Media Center, software pirates found a way to activate an illegitimate Windows 8 copy. Using the Windows 8 activation workaround, software pirates converted their illegitimate copy to a legitimate licensed copy of Windows 8 at no cost. All by...

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Auslogics File Recovery 3 Giveaway Winners Announced 6

Auslogics File Recovery 3 Giveaway Winners Announced

Auslogics File Recovery 3 is a simple to use professional application to recover deleted files or lost partitions. It also includes advanced privacy protection and backup tools too; it includes a secure file eraser and disk wiper. We recently reviewed and hosted a giveaway of Auslogics File Recovery 3. Auslogics File Recovery...

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