Mozilla Firefox 3.5.3, Download Links


Mozilla has updated Firefox to 3.5.3 version. Interested users can check the bug list that was fixed in Firefox 3.5.3. You can update to the latest version by using the inbuilt updater by clicking on the Help menu and then selecting Check for Updates option. Firefox will also automatically notify you about the update very soon. You can also […]

Firefox 3.5.1 Released, Update Now


We have already twitted about this two days ago when it was available through FTP and Mozilla was uploading the update to the update distribution sites. Those who missed that twit about this update may refer to this article. Mozilla released Firefox update 3.5.1 that fixes the annoying bug of long load times on Windows, […]

Firefox 3.5 Portable


The portable version is the exact copy of Firefox standard installer version. If you don’t want to install Firefox but still use it, Firefox portable is the best option for you.

Mozilla Firefox 3.5 Released


Please visit the page about Latest Version of Mozilla Firefox to download it. Mozilla has released the final version of its web browser Firefox 3.5 for download. If you were using Mozilla Firefox version 3.0.11 then you can update to the latest version using the following method: Open Firefox 3.0.11 Click on Help and then […]