DownThemAll – Best Free Download Manager for Firefox


Yesterday my friend called me up asking for a free download manager so that he can download some large files without any problem. I suggested him DownThemAll! Firefox plugin instead of an standalone download manager. I didn't suggest him any standalone free download manager as most of them comes … [Read more...]

Firefox 3.5.1 Released, Update Now


We have already twitted about this two days ago when it was available through FTP and Mozilla was uploading the update to the update distribution sites. Those who missed that twit about this update may refer to this article. Mozilla released Firefox update 3.5.1 that fixes the annoying bug of long … [Read more...]

Easily Backup Mozilla Firefox “about:config” Settings


If you want to tweak Mozilla Firefox to the extreme, then about:config is where you should look out for all the advanced settings. But tweaking about:config without any knowledge of what the settings does, may be very harmful for Firefox's health. So it would be a good idea to backup … [Read more...]

Firefox 3.5 Portable


After the release of Firefox 3.5, millions of copies were downloaded. But users of Firefox 3.0 are now in a dilemma of whether going for the upgrade or not. Since, they want to be sure before upgrading if their favorite add-ons, settings, websites etc are working properly in the new version. The … [Read more...]

Mozilla Firefox 3.5 Released


Mozilla has released the final version of its web browser Firefox 3.5 for download. If you were using Mozilla Firefox version 3.0.11 then you can update to the latest version using the following method: Open Firefox 3.0.11 Click on Help and then select Check for updates. Firefox will tell an … [Read more...]