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Mozilla Firefox 3.5.4

Mozilla has released an update to Firefox, which is now version 3.5.4. Mozilla Firefox should automatically notify you about the update. You can also manually check it by clicking on Help > Check for Updates option to update your web browser. The latest version is also available at the official Mozilla Firefox homepage. Since, the release fixes many security issues and fixes several stability issues, it is recommended to update Firefox to this latest version. Firefox 3.5.4 fixes the following issues: Several security issues. Fixed several stability issues. Added the ability to re-submit crash reports After using Clear Recent History some SSL sites would not load all images and styles without pressing reload If you are interested in the complete list of changes, you may go through the Firefox 3.5.4 Release Notes. [ Download Firefox 3.5.4...

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Mozilla Firefox 3.5.3, Download Links

Mozilla has updated Firefox to 3.5.3 version. Interested users can check the bug list that was fixed in Firefox 3.5.3. You can update to the latest version by using the inbuilt updater by clicking on the Help menu and then selecting Check for Updates option. Firefox will also automatically notify you about the update very soon. You can also download the latest version from the following direct download links: Download Mozilla Firefox 3.5.3 (Windows) Download Mozilla Firefox 3.5.3 (Mac OSX) Download Mozilla Firefox 3.5.3...

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Mozilla Firefox 3.5.2 Update will be available in a few hours

The latest version of the Firefox is currently being distributed to all official Mozilla mirror servers around the world. Some of them are already hosting the latest version of Mozilla Firefox 3.5.2 for all supported languages and operating systems while others are only showing the directory structure with no files yet. Most probably, it is likely going to take at least a few hours more or even more than a day before all servers are distributed with the latest version. Then the release can be officially announced on the Mozilla website. Usually it takes around 24 to 48 hours before the automatic update checker in Firefox shows the new release information. So, if you rely on the Firefox automatic update checker then you will have to wait for that amount of time. If you are interested in the release notes, you may read the beta release notes of Firefox 3.5.2 mention. The beta release notes states several security and stability issues that have been fixed in the new version. This update is therefore a recommend update for all Firefox 3.5.x users. An issue with images with ICC profiles has been fixed as well which now renders properly on all computer monitors. The full list of bug fixes and issues can be accessed...

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DownThemAll – Best Free Download Manager for Firefox

Yesterday my friend called me up asking for a free download manager so that he can download some large files without any problem. I suggested him DownThemAll! Firefox plugin instead of an standalone download manager. I didn’t suggest him any standalone free download manager as most of them comes with ad bars for displaying ads. Created by Federico Parodi and Stefano Verna, DownThemAll (or dTa as it is also known) is one of the best Firefox extensions. DownThemAll is easy to install, use, and works as described. Better yet, it’s free and is available for Windows platform, Mac OS and Linux. DownThemAll is the only Firefox plugin you will ever need if you want maximum control over multiple, large downloads. This small download manager is also powerful enough to speed up, queue for later, and batch download sets of files from the web based on patterns you define in one click. You may use it download the links or images contained on a Web page. You can download all links and images, manually choose individual or multiple items, or select links and images through a variety of preset and customizable filters. DownThemAll also contains a download manager and download accelerator that the creators claim “increases speed up to 400%”. The possibilities are endless. Highly recommended for all your download needs! Which download manager do you use or is your favourite? Have...

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Firefox 3.5.1 Released, Update Now

We have already twitted about this two days ago when it was available through FTP and Mozilla was uploading the update to the update distribution sites. Those who missed that twit about this update may refer to this article. Mozilla released Firefox update 3.5.1 that fixes the annoying bug of long load times on Windows, it also closes some security holes and makes it a bit more stable. Further Resources: Download | Changelog | Release Notes Follow us in Twitter for all the latest...

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Easily Backup Mozilla Firefox “about:config” Settings

If you want to tweak Mozilla Firefox to the extreme, then about:config is where you should look out for all the advanced settings. But tweaking about:config without any knowledge of what the settings does, may be very harmful for Firefox’s health. So it would be a good idea to backup about:config first. This backup will help you very much. Even if anything goes out of your hands. You can easily restore everything back to normal. It’s also a good idea to backup about:config if you have customized Firefox a lot. So, the next time you reinstall Firefox, you can...

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Mozilla Firefox 3.5 Released

Please visit the page about Latest Version of Mozilla Firefox to download it. Mozilla has released the final version of its web browser Firefox 3.5 for download. If you were using Mozilla Firefox version 3.0.11 then you can update to the latest version using the following method: Open Firefox 3.0.11 Click on Help and then select Check for updates. Firefox will tell an update is available and may also give you warning with the list of plugins that may stop working after you download this latest version. Click on the update button to update to version 3.5 After completing...

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