If you want to stay safe from pesky privacy hacks that sniffs out your confidential data, then the best way is to use an encrypted connection (HTTPS) to connect with all your private sensitive data. Gmail was helping you for a long time now through “Always use https.”

Now its time for Hotmail users to rejoice as beginning today, Hotmail is also providing you with the option to enhance security of your entire Hotmail session with HTTPS data encryption (via secure socket layers, or SSL). Hotmail till now was only using HTTPS data encryption to help secure your Hotmail sign-in.

Hotmail Always use HTTPS

Today’s update joins a series of other security updates, with which Hotmail offers advanced security safeguards to help protect your email account from hijackers and fraud. Starting today, other services that includes SkyDrive, Photos, Docs, and Devices pages will all automatically use SSL encryption, transferring all their data over HTTPS.

How To Enable HTTPS or “Always use HTTPS” In Your Hotmail Account?

If you want to enable HTTPS for your Hotmail inbox, calendar, and contacts, simply visit  https://account.live.com/ManageSSL.

Enable Hotmail Always use HTTPS

Now enable the radio button “Use HTTPS automatically” and click on the Save button.

Note: If you are Windows Live Mail user than you may be left out of the party as HTTPS is still not available for them. If they try to enable “Use HTTPS automatically,” they will receive the following error:

Hotmail Always use HTTPS Err..

Also, Microsoft has clarified that some connections to Hotmail won’t be available if you turn on HTTPS, including:

  • Outlook Hotmail Connector
  • Windows Live Mail
  • The Windows Live application for Windows Mobile (version 6.5 and earlier) and Symbian

Hopefully they will support HTTPS security for the above technologies in the future.