• Sally


    • http://www.mytechguide.org/ Mezanul

      Can you tell us if you did followed the steps or not?

      • sibusiso

        I followed the steps to get the Administrator for windows 7 but I am getting access denied error 5 has occurred.

        • ajay

          did you find out the solution? if yes then plz share it

    • RuffRider77

      Make sure you DO NOT put a space between /active:yes


      • Rajiv

        i am not able to start command prompt as administrator. i am getting the mesaage like do u want to allow the following progrm to make changes to this computer

        • http://www.mytechguide.org/ Mezanul

          You have to click on Yes to continue.

          Run as admin

        • saranyan


          Recently I am also disabled my windows 7 logon prompt screen and suffering this issue… pls help if you got solutions means.

  • Khadka Bahadur

    Window 7 now Domain user, I am a Administrator, I want to Log on Administrator.
    How to Log on Administrator?
    Khadka Bahadur

    • http://www.mytechguide.org/ Mezanul

      Sorry, I cannot understand your issue. Can you provide some more details?

  • Abi

    How can i log off as administrator and be able to access all my old file including my music,photos and all my document…I can’t seem to use the internet explorer or google chrome without having to download it again.And when i turn my computer on a message pops up saying `am logged in as a temporary user -andshpould log out and restart computer.Tried this a few times but never worked.Can you help please.