Windows 7 With Service Pack 1 Direct Download Links [Official DigitalRiver]

Microsoft released Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1) in February 2011. Now, Microsoft has made available Windows 7 ISO images integrated with SP1.

Earlier, we have provided official DigitalRiver direct download links of Windows 7. But, you had to download and run Service Pack 1 separately (or through Windows Updates) to update your Windows 7. If you want to slipstream SP1 into Windows 7 installation DVD, so that when you reinstall Windows 7, you don’t need to again download SP1 separately, you can now stop searching. You can now download Official Windows 7 SP1 integrated ISO images directly from Digital River Servers, who are the official partners of Microsoft for distributing Windows 7.

Downloading the files from Digital River is absolutely legal and free as Microsoft uses them as an official download channel. However, without obtaining a legally obtained product key, you will be able to run Windows 7 installation for 30 days. After 30 days, Windows 7 needs to be activated, or the evaluation grace period be reset. If you already own a key, you can activate the ISO you will download from Digital River.

You can very easily be convert the downloaded ISO image into universal Windows 7 editions installation media. FYI, the x86 is the 32-bit edition and the x64 is the 64-bit edition. All the links below are English (USA) language.


Download Windows 7 Integrated SP1 ISO Images

Windows 7 Home Premium x86 SP1 ISO

X17-24208.iso (bootable)

Windows 7 Home Premium x64 SP1 ISO

X17-24209.iso (bootable)

Windows 7 Professional x86 SP1 ISO

X17-24280.iso (bootable)

Windows 7 Professional x64 SP1 ISO

X17-24281.iso (bootable)

Windows 7 Ultimate x86 SP1 ISO

X17-24394.iso (bootable)

Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SP1 ISO

X17-24395.iso (bootable)

After you have downloaded the ISO, you can burn it to DVD using any DVD writing software that supports writing disc images or double-click on the image if you are running Windows 7 already. [via]

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  • xyico

    Hi. Its gud but it will contain the security update tat contains the ability to deactivate windows 7 activation cracks. So many won’t download!

    • james

      These links are not provided for pirates, they are genuine legit digital river – miscrosoft distro’s . I have a genuine license on the back of my laptop, and decided to flush the hp oem down the toilet. You want a pirate version of windows? then go elsewhere and find a hacked copy…these are genuine legit versions…FOR PEOPLE WITH LICENSE KEYS. if you want a genuine license, then buy one. A little bit retarded coming on here with your pointless whine about how people won’t download because of the deactivation update…braindead doesn’t begin to describe your level of intelligence.

  • damien

    ha ha lol :) yeah for the unlicensed ones yes. Maybe Mr. Haque can host more giveaways here:)

    • Mezanul

      Hopefully, we will but no deadline on this yet ;)

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  • Darren

    Are these versions OEM or Retail? Thanks

    • Mezanul

      These are retail versions but you will need a genuine product key to activate Windows.

      Hope this helps you. :-)

      • Darren

        Is there an OEM link to download with SP1 integrated? Thanks

        • Mezanul

          I don’t think Microsoft provides any such downloads for public. If you have Windows 7 OEM installed, you can download SP1 separately and install it.

      • Nitin

        Thank You. I am just downloading it. I have a licence key. I hope this will work. :)

  • Ahmed

    i wonder what the user name and password used to log in please?

  • parthajit

    sir , i had purchases a laptop (sony vaio eseries VPCEG2AEN) but the ms windows7 office home basic 64 bit unfortunately uninstalled how to redown load again sir plz help me sir

    • Rahil

      1) Download, Windows 7 Ultimate x64 RTM Retail DVD from

      2) Download, ei.cfg removal tool, from

      3) Remove ei.cfg from the downloaded Windows 7 Ultimate x64 ISO. Once you have done with it, burn ISO image to disc.

      4) Boot this DVD in your laptop, now u will get option to select Editions of Windows 7 as follows:-

      Windows 7 Starter
      Windows 7 Home Basic
      Windows 7 Home Premium
      Windows 7 Professional
      Windows 7 Ultimate

      5) select which edition u want to install, and just follow on screen.

      6) After installation, enter your OEM key to activate Windows 7 Home Basic, see the key behind your Laptop.

      Note:- if you want to install other Editions of Windows 7, instead of Windows 7 Home Basic, then u have to use Windows 7 Loader, to activate Windows 7.

      plz, always download Drivers from Official Website of the Sony Vaio……………

      • tonybac

        Does the ISO link includes SP1?

        • Mezanul

          You can download the SP1 integrated ISOs linked from the post and then follow the steps Rahil has posted. :)

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  • Anand

    Nice website and an excellant post.
    Thanks and Regards,

  • siraj

    How to download Windows 7 VL Build /VLK Edition from digitalriver direct links or any other source here ?

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  • Alex T

    Hi, thanks for posting these links!

    However, there seems to be an issue with the WIndows 7 Ultimate 32-Bit download. I’ve burned it into a CD twice and upon booting I get a BSOD.
    I have also redownloaded the ISO twice and I still get a BSOD when booting from a DVD. When booting from a USB drive, I get a message stating that NDIS.SYS is missing or corrupt.

    I have tried this process on multiple computers and get the same issue. Can somebody confirm whether the Ultimate 32-bit ISO is corrupted or working properly? Meanwhile I will try downloading another edition.

    Thank you!

    • andywhan

      Did u properly burned the dvd with proper boot loaders!!!

  • Alex T

    I am still having issues. I tried downloading the 32-bit Professional this time, and I was actually able to boot the disc. But when the Installer got to ~30% of “Expanding Files” I received an error message that Windows cannot copy the files.

    DVD or USB, different computers, it makes no difference. Something is wrong with these links. I downloaded the pre-SP1 ISO’s with no problem at all.


  • Kourosh

    I have a valid OEM product key for Win 7 home,

    can i use my license for the provided windows in this site and activate it ? does OEM works?

    Thank You for helping.

  • mikail

    sir,you really have a good site,no long protocols in download.this is really the perfect thing am looking for.pls keep me updated

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  • Matt

    That’s awesome they provided this service and the download. I hated reinstalling solely for having to update all over again.

    I have a key, so this helps a ton!

    Thank you.

  • Josh Wood

    I have used this website so many times now to download an official version of Windows 7 Professional, burn it to a disc and install on my PC’s. Saves a lot of time and effort, I just have this linked saved to my favorites :)

  • Anurag Soni

    i want to use your win7-64 to format my sony Vaio

    so i want to know that if this window need a key to register then what i have to provide in that field
    thanks in advance

  • DonVinton

    Anytime I want a copy of windows , I come here .
    So far best one .

  • S VIJAY Kumar


    Thanks, very much to your team, who provided me Windows 7 Ultimate with SP1 iso image. Meanwhile, I were looking for iso image. But , once again, I would like to thanks to your team, who supported & helped to get OS.

    Meanwhile, I would request you to provide RHEL 6.4 iso image & Windows server 2012 R2 iso image. If it is possible to provide links.

    OK, Bye.

    • Mezanul

      We will try to find out publicly available links and post them here.