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The long wait for the official VLC Android app is finally over. The official VLC Player for Android has finally seen the light (albeit in beta stage now) and is now available as free download from the Google Play Store.

VideoLAN, the developers of the VLC Media Player and the VLC Android app notes that VLC Beta is intended for power users and hackers. The beta version is not stable and is slower than the upcoming final version. The beta version is available only for Android devices running on ARMv7 processor that supports the NEON engine. The ARM NEON general-purpose SIMD engine efficiently processes current and future multimedia formats, enhancing the user experience. VideoLAN will release separate applications for Android phones or tablets running on other processors soon.

VLC Media Player is one of the most popular media player among our readers. On February 18, 2012, VLC developers released VLC Media Player 2.0 “Twoflower”. After 15 million downloads of VLC 2.0, the VideoLAN and VLC development team has released the second version of “Twoflower”, version 2.0.1.

According to the official announcement, VLC 2.0.1 is a bug fix and security update release with some additional features. Security issues SA-1201 and SA-1202 are fixed in this release. The first resolves a stack overflow in VLC’s MMS support and the second fixes an issue VLC’s Real RTSP support.

VLC Media Player 2.0, dubbed as Twoflower, is a major upgrade with many improvements and new features. VLC Media Player once started as an academic project back in 1996, is now no doubt one of the most popular media players. It hit version 1.0 back in 1999 and finally today, the media player reached version 2.0.

Some of the notable changes in this version are support for more formats, experimental Blu-Ray support, faster decoding on multi-core CPU and mobile hardware, and professional High-Definition and 10-bits codecs, improved integration of the RealVideo and Real Formats as well as better support for FLAC.

One of the most popular media player VLC has updated to version 1.1.5. The latest version fixes many bugs and security issues including the Windows SMB security issue. It also comes loaded with a handful of noteworthy changes. VLC 1.1.5 can now play live .webm streaming video, wrapped in Google’s WebM video container.

VLC has now added support for Channels.com. You can find it in the Media Browser Box under Internet, which can be found in playlist window. VLC has included more than 1,000 popular shows from Channels.com.


If you are a fan of classic gaming and love to play your favorite in-game music from Atari, Famicom, and Sega, you will simply love this new feature of VLC. It now supports playback of a variety of video game audio using the Game Music Emu engine. Another feature which Intel users will like is VLC now supports GPU HD decoding using Intel IGP on Windows, using DxVA2.

Interested users may want to check out the change log here.

[ Download VLC Media Player 1.1.5 ]

VLC Media Player is one of the best media player for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux platform and its new avatar is even better. VLC Media Player is updated to version 1.1.0, adding many new features like extensions, new user interface, support for GPU acceleration among others. If you are still living under the rock and is unaware of what VLC Media Player is, well:

VLC media player is a free and open source media player and multimedia framework written by the VideoLAN project. It is one of the most platform-independent media players available, with versions for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, BeOS, and BSD.

VLC Media Player is one of my favorite media player. It is one of the best media player which is available, can play any media that you throw at it! I know that it doesn’t need any new introduction, so today I am sharing with you the full keyboard shortcuts that I know and use. You don’t have to be rocket-scientist to know that using keyboard shortcuts really helps and makes our life easier and gives us more control! And who wants to fiddle with the mouse and point at any button when you can just press a key or a combination of two to do the job in a fraction of second? ;-) These keyboard shortcuts below work for VLC Media Player 1.0.x and will/may also work with the previous versions and the latest versions seamlessly. If I missed any or if I mistyped any keyboard shortcuts don’t hesitate to tell me using the comments below. Happy controlling VLC!

VLC Media Player 1.0.0 GoldeneyeThe VideoLan project today announced the release of VLC Media Player version 1.0.0 (Goldeneye). This major release introduces many new features, formats and codecs to VLC Media Player and fixes a high number of bugs that were present in earlier versions of the media player.

VLC Media Player is more than a media player. It is cross-platform, open-source, multimedia framework, player and server. VLC Media Player is a highly portable multimedia player and multimedia framework capable of reading most audio and video formats (MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264, DivX, MPEG-1, mp3, ogg, aac, etc.) as well as DVDs, Audio CDs, VCDs and various streaming protocols. It can also be used as a media converter or a server to stream in unicast or multicast in IPv4 or IPv6 on networks.