Time and date


Crave World Clock is an easy-to-use desktop world clock that can display the local time for any location. You can view the current time and date for all cities and countries on your desktop (Select Show World Clock under Desktop menu) using a real world map and real-time imagery provided by NASA and you can also set it to display real-time clouds updated at an interval set by you.

You can set the clock theme to any of predefined themes or match it with your current Windows operating system theme or keep it to default native interface. A time-finder tool allows you to quickly find the current time for any city or country you need. You can customize the software to display clouds and weather effect on the real world map.

Changing the time zone through the clock is very easy in Windows 7. You need to simply click on the clock present on the taskbar notification area and click on “Change date and time settings…“. But do you know that Windows 7 also provides a command line utility to change your present time zone? Bet you don’t!

The command line utility that helps you change the time zone in Windows 7 is tzutil.exe and is known as Windows Time Zone Utility. This is a great for all the people who prefers working from the command prompt.