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Microsoft’s Office for iPad Apps was officially released by the Redmond-based software giant in the last week of March, 2014. Office for iPad App is the iPad optimized avatar of the Microsoft’s popular productivity suite, Office 365. Instead of a single app, Office for iPad Apps is basically a collection of apps. The collection includes Word for iPad app, Excel for iPad app, PowerPoint for iPad app, and OneNote for iPad app.

Microsoft Office is one of the most popular productivity suite among the Windows PC and Apple OS X owners. Combine it with Microsoft Office 365 subscription and you can open up a whole new world. The popularity of the productivity suite says for itself when Office for iPad Apps collection climbed to the top of App Store.

Do you want to know if you can use Microsoft Office on two computers? Yes, you can as Microsoft legally allows the installation and use of Microsoft Office on two computers (1 desktop and 1 laptop computer system).

In a twitter reply by Microsoft Australia (MSAU), offered an interesting insight that many of you might not have been aware of. You can use any version of Microsoft Office legally on both your home computer and a portable computer system like laptop. As long as both the systems belong to you and you’re the person who has bought the copy of Microsoft Office. That’s a very handy tidbit of information. The reply to a tweeted question also stated that the Home and Student edition of Microsoft Office is licensed for installation on up to three machines.