patch tuesday


Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday is here for this month. In this month Microsoft is fixing 66 vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities affects Windows, Office, and Internet Explorer.

This month, vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer is making the headlines. Microsoft Patch Tuesday fixes 59 security issues in Internet Explorer using a single Cumulative Update out of the total 66 security issues it is fixing this month. 

Microsoft has released advanced notification for the second Tuesday of the month, July 9, 2013, which is the tradition the Redmond software giant follows every month, popularly known as Patch Tuesday. In the advanced notification of July 2013’s Patch Tuesday, seven bulletins, out of which six are classified as Critical by Microsoft and the remaining one is Important.

The six bulletins rated Critical addresses vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows, .NET Framework, Silverlight, Internet Explorer and GDI+. The single bulletin which is rated Important will address an issue in Microsoft Security Software. All versions of Windows operating system are affected by at least three of the critical vulnerabilities. All versions of Internet Explorer are affected by a critical flaw which will be addressed by one of the fixes.

Microsoft has released Security Bulletins for January 2013. This is the first “Patch Tuesday” of 2013 and as we do every month, bringing you details of the security bulletins that get released, along with details of how you should deploy the security bulletins. For Patch Tuesday of January 2013, Microsoft has released seven security bulletins. Out of the seven bulletins, two are rated critical, the maximum severity rating, the rest five bulletins are rated as important, which is the next highest possible severity rating. Six of the seven security bulletins fix issues in Windows operating system, two security bulletins fix issues in the .Net Framework and Microsoft Server Software, and the one left fixes issues in Microsoft Office and Developer Tools.

Microsoft has released December 2012’s Patch Tuesday. The year end’s Patch Tuesday has seven security bulletins that fixes vulnerabilities in various Microsoft products. Out of the seven security bulletins, five are rated critical, which is the maximum severity rating by Microsoft. The rest two bulletins are rated as important on the severity rating scale. The seven security bulletins of this month’s Patch Tuesday addresses 12 vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office and Windows Server.

Windows RT will also be updated through two different updates (KB2753842, KB2779030), both of them being rated as “critical” in the severity scale. The updates for Windows RT brings improvements to Microsoft Surface which includes increased WiFi reliability, improved connectivity. Performance improvements includes support for access point names that use non standard ASCII characters. The update also reduces scenarios which resulted in limited WiFi connectivity.

For this month’s (October 2012) Patch Tuesday, Microsoft has released a total of seven patches to fix one critical and six important issues found in Windows, Office and some of its other products. If you have set Windows to automatically receive updates, Windows Update must have automatically installed the recommended updates.

“MS12-064 (Microsoft Word): This security update resolves two issues in Microsoft Office. This bulletin has a severity rating of Critical and can result in remote code execution. Only one of the two issues addressed by this bulletin is rated Critical, but in that case, an attacker could run code in the context of the logged-on user if they were to open a specially crafted Rich Text Format (RTF) file or previews or open a specially crafted RTF email message,” a Microsoft statement reads.

Microsoft has issued nine security bulletins as advanced bulletin notification for July 2012 Patch Tuesday. The nine security bulletins fixes 16 issues in the Windows operating system, Internet Explorer, Visual Basic for Applications, and Microsoft Office.

Out of the nine security bulletins of July 2012 Patch Tuesday, Microsoft has rated three of the security bulletins; MS12-043 (Microsoft XML Core Services), MS12-045 (Microsoft Data Access Components ), MS12-044 (Internet Explorer), as critical. The remaining six, MS12-046, MS12-048, MS12-047, MS12-049, MS12-050 and MS12-051 as important. Almost all the patches except one will need a system restart.

Microsoft has issued “Patch Tuesday” for June 2012. Total seven security bulletins are released. These seven bulletins address security issues in Windows, Internet Explorer, and the .NET Framework. Three of these seven bulletins are rated critical, the highest possible rating by Microsoft. The remaining four bulletins are rated as important.

Important: Users should update their system as soon as possible since a critical IE vulnerability which Microsoft has patched in this month’s Patch Tuesday is under active exploit.

Microsoft has wheeled out the security patches for May, 2012’s Patch Tuesday. The Patch Tuesday for May 2012 covers 7 security bulletins to fix at least 23 documented vulnerabilities found in Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, .NET Framework and Silverlight.

Out of the seven bulletins, three are rated as “critical” because of the risk of remote code execution attacks, and the rest of the four bulletins are rated as “important“, as they will cover vulnerabilities that can cause code execution of privilege escalation attacks.

Microsoft is planning to issue eight security bulletins which will fix 23 vulnerabilities in October’s Patch Tuesday. The software giant revealed the information through an advanced notification on Thursday.

The eight security bulletins will fix various problems in Windows operating system, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Silverlight, .NET Framework, and others. Two of the security bulletins are rated critical and will fix vulnerabilities in the .NET framework, Silverlight, Internet Explorer and Windows OS. The critical Internet Explorer flaw affects all supported versions of IE on all supported versions of Windows. The other six bulletins are rated as Important. Six of the bulletins will address Remote Code Execution problem, one fixes Elevation of privilege in Microsoft Windows and the other one fixes a Denial of Service problem in Microsoft Host Integration Server. Almost all the patches requires a system restart.

Microsoft is issuing 4 bulletins for Patch Tuesday this month which will fix 22 vulnerabilities.

Compared to June’s Patch Tuesday 16 security bulletins, this month Microsoft has issued almost one-fourth of the numbers. But this four bulletins will patch a huge number of vulnerabilities, 22 to be exact. Out of the four updates, one is rated “critical,” while the other three is marked “important.”

Three bulletins will update and fix Windows, while the fourth one will fix a number of vulnerabilities in Visio 2003. The critical Windows bulletin and the important Office update both fix remote code execution issues; the other two important Windows fixes resolve elevation of privilege flaws. All the three Windows updates needs a reboot to apply, though the Office update may need a reboot.