Joulemeter is a freeware software tool developed by Microsoft Research that estimates the power consumption of your computer and improves energy efficiency. It tracks computer resources, such as CPU utilization and screen brightness, and estimates power usage.

Joulemeter provides a modeling tool to measure the energy usage of virtual machines (VM), servers, desktops, laptops, and even individual software applications running on a computer. The application helps improve power provisioning costs for data centers, virtualized power budgeting, desktop energy optimizations, and mobile battery management.

We have previously shared here about AnyBizSoft PDF to Word Converter 2.5 Giveaway. Well, the giveaway is still hot and available, but the good news is that AnyBizSoft has launched a large-scale giveaway promotion today, that is free giving away of their Latest 3.0.0 version of PDF to Word Converter on AnyBizSoft’s Facebook page. Anyone who click Like button to become their fan can get a free license, which is worth $29.95.

AnyBizSoft PDF to Word Converter is an easy-to-use application, which is specially designed for converting PDF to Word 2007 (.docx) and 2003(.doc). You can convert encrypted and password-protected PDF files to Word documents with PDF to Word Converter. With just one click, you can convert your read-only PDF files into a fully formatted editable Word documents at a high-speed.

In Windows if you disable the check-box beside Hide protected operating system files under Folder options, then you may notice a lot of hidden Thumbs.db files. You can find them in almost everywhere, especially in folders that has photos, images, pictures, graphics, movies, videos, etc. Windows uses these Thumbs.db files to store a cache of the generated thumbnail previews, so that Windows does not need to regenerate the thumbnails, when you access media folders in Thumbnail or Filmstrip mode and to speed up the display of the thumbnails.

In some system folders, such as My Pictures, My Videos, etc., Windows selects thumbnail view by default and creates a Thumbs.db file, even if you try to default it to other views. Once the Thumbs.db file is generated, the next time you try to access that folder, Windows Explorer may automatically change the default view for folders to Thumbnails or Filmstrip view mode.

AnyBizSoft PDF to Word Converter is an efficient easy-to-use application. The unique feature of this application is that it is specially designed for converting PDF files to Microsoft Office Word 2010 (.docx), Word 2007 (.docx), Word 2003 (.doc). The original text, layouts, images and hyperlinks can be exactly retained in the generated Word documents.

Using AnyBizSoft PDF to Word Converter is very easy with its simple, intuitive and quite easy to use user interface. To convert a PDF file into a Word document, simply click on the Add PDF Files button, then browse to the file location and select the files. The application also provides you with the facility to partially convert a PDF file to Word format in-case you don’t need the entire PDF to be converted. To partially convert, you just select the pages you need to convert. To convert your files, just click on the big Convert button.

Whenever you work, you often open several applications. Now suppose, you have to go somewhere and you are in a hurry. To shutdown Windows, you have to first close each applications individually, which is very annoying at that moment of time. You want a simple way to close all the programs in just one step and want a simple solution to this problem. Well, Windows provides you with an in-built feature that addresses this problem.

To close several applications and open windows in just one step, keep pressed the Ctrl key when you select the buttons of the programs and windows in succession in the Taskbar. You will see that as you select the buttons, they seem pressed. After doing the selection, release the Ctrl key and right-click the last selected pushed-button. Select Close group from the context menu. Windows will now close all the selected applications and windows at once.

Microsoft Windows 7 RC testers knows very well that the RC version is expiring in March, 2010. They have to now upgrade to the RTM/final retail version of Windows 7 to continue. If you have not still used Windows 7 or still using Windows XP or Windows Vista, Microsoft has launched a Windows 7 demo website, so that you can test drive Windows 7 features. The website is very straight forward and offers a very simple way to test drive Windows 7 before you make up your mind to buy it. The minimum requirement to run the website is IE6+ with JavaScript turned on. It will install an ActiveX control from Microsoft to run the demo.