Choose Wisley


Are you a Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard user, and have installed almost all the browsers available for it? Do you want the option to select your “default” browser on a link-by-link basis, i.e, opening some links in Safari, some in Mozilla Firefox, some in Google Chrome, and so on? Look no further and get yourself Choose Wisely, which allows you to do all this.

After installing Choose Wisely, make it your default web browser. Now, when you click links in any other programs (such as, your email client), Choose Wisely will open a pop-up window, providing you the option to select a specific browser in which you want to open the link in. This tiny application is very useful and a boon for those users who are into web development and wants to test their work or for them who don’t want a single browser as their default browser.