Two of the popular antivirus security companies, Avast and AVG are coming together. Both are famous for their freeware antivirus product editions around the world. Yesterday, Avast CEO Vince Steckler has announced their plan to acquire AVG Technologies for about $1.3 billion.

Avast is one of the most popular antivirus among Windows users. Avast Software has made available avast! 7 which introduces cloud-based reputation scanning and streaming updates, remote assistance feature and export/import option for configuration settings.

Along with all the new features about which we talk below, avast 7 supports Windows Developer Preview. This is a good news for all users testing Windows 8 Developer Preview on their systems as they can now protect their systems with avast 7. Additionally, avast! users can now monitor the installation of the application through an online interface by visiting https://my.avast.com/. The online interface is read-only for now.

Avast Software is running an online promotion on it’s Germany website. Through this promo, you can get yourself a free license of Avast Internet Security 6 valid for one year till April, 2012.

Unlike Kaspersky’s promotions, like the Chinese promotions (now expired) which were mostly limited to the language version of the product, where it is running. The license of Avast, which you will receive from this promotion works for English versions too, even though it is for Germane users.

Avast has announced availability of the beta version of avast! Free Antivirus for Mac.

The new version has been almost totally reworked compared with our previous solution for the Mac OS,” said Vlk, in an announcement at Avast official forum. Avast Free Antivirus for Mac features three shields and an on-demand scanner. The Web Shield together with the Mail Shield checks incoming data from the Internet for malware. While the File Shield scans all programs stored and executed from your Mac hard drive.

It was earlier thought that Mac doesn’t need any anti-virus. With the recent Mac Defender malware outbreak, users are thinking otherwise.

AVAST Software has released Avast Antivirus’s most awaited latest version, version 6.0. Avast Antivirus 6 comes with many new features and improvements. We talked about some of these when we wrote about the beta release.

Avast Antivirus 6 now also comes with a completely revamped user interface for easier scanning. One of the most important changes coming into avast! 6 is the AutoSandbox feature that executes suspicious files in a sandbox environment isolated from the system and based on the file’s behavior, it decides whether the file is a threat or not.

Avast will soon release a new avatar of their flagship antivirus and Internet Security suite: Avast Antivirus 6, Avast Antivirus Pro 6 and Avast Internet Security 6. They have released a beta version of the soon to be released stable version.

How to install and test the new Avast AV, AV Pro or IS 6 beta?

Simply download the setup executable (download links available at the forum) and install it.

Note: This version needs to be installed from scratch, i.e. updating from an earlier version of avast won’t work. So, the only option is to really uninstall the version you’re using (if any), reboot, and then install this beta. Also, if you have already used an earlier beta of the standalone WebRep, it’s better to uninstall it before installing avast 6.

Avast! is one of the world’s most popular free antivirus solution for home users. It is a good alternative to AVG and Microsoft Security Essentials. Avast! has refreshed its product range with the launch of three new solutions designed for home or business use. The products that Avast! now offers are Free Antivirus, Internet Security and Pro Antivirus.