Google URL Shortener Service Gets Website, Opens Doors To All

Most of you are already aware of Google’s URL Shortener, It is also not new for bloggers who are using FeedBurner’s Socialize service to automatically post updates from their feed to their social media account like Twitter. Till now there was no real website for this service, but has finally been given a website. Now, you can easily shorten links using it and view real-time analytics of every short link that you’ve ever created. url shortener
The real-time analytics page shows traffic by hours, days, weeks, months and all time. You can see the total number of clicks along with referrers details. Clicking on the “Details” link beside any short-link shows you more details. At the bottom you can see the “visitor profiles,” that shows you where from the clicks came from, i.e., which countries, browsers and operating systems. It also displays a QR code for your short-link.

If you are a blogger and if you sign into using the same account that you use for FeedBurner, then all the earlier short-links automatically created by FeedBurner’s Socialize service gets populated and you can see the details of all of them. One of the advantage that Google URL shortener provides is, is fast and according to Google, the service is very stable and secure. You get almost 100% uptime and all the links checked for malware, spam and phishing attacks. And the biggest advantage Google may have over other URL shortener service is the connection between dozens of its services and the seamless merge with them.

Google also plans to release an API for using service in social network clients but nothing announced when they will release it.

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