Mozilla Firefox Latest Version 3.6.8 Update Released, Download Links

Mozilla recently released a security update for their popular Firefox web browser, version 3.6.7. Firefox 3.6.7 fixes several security issues that were found in the 3.6.6 version. Over half of the vulnerabilities fixed in Firefox 3.6.7 were listed as “Critical,” which is the highest danger level that Mozilla associates with security issues.

Mozilla has now done a quick update of Firefox 3.6.7 to Firefox 3.6.8, which according to The Mozilla Developer Center blog, “fixes a single stability problem that affected some pages with embedded plugins”.

One of the best way to protect yourself from online threats like phishing, click-jacking, etc. is to make sure that your web browser is always up to date with the most current software released. In Mozilla Firefox, you can use the inbuilt update check function. Click on the “Check for updates…” link in the Help menu in Firefox for updates.

Users can also visit the official site of Firefox by going to or and clicking on the big green button in the middle of the screen that says “Firefox 3.6 Free Download“. You can also download Firefox 3.6.8 directly using the following direct download links:

Download Link (For Windows) , Download Link (For Mac OS X) , Download Link (For Linux) ]

[ Firefox 3.6.8 Release Notes ]

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