TuneBite: Record your Favorite FIFA World Cup Football 2010 Videos

TuneBite is an easy to use application that allows users to easily remove DRM protection from music files, videos, and audio books. The added benefit of TuneBite is it’s ability to record videos off any video sites like YouTube, DailyMotion, MetaCafe, etc and convert it to a format the user likes. And this football season, TuneBite will really come handy for all the soccer fans out there who may want to record the matches, so that they can watch it later.

The Internet offers a lot of soccer videos at special soccer video sites. For instance you can visit any of the following and watch soccer videos. Most of these websites are also offering free World Cup Football South Africa 2010 videos.

Some of the special soccer video sites are: FootyTube.com, Videosoccer.net, Mysoccerplace.net, Oleole.com, Givemefootball.com, Soccerclips.net, video.football.co.uk , Goalsarena.com, Footy-boots.com, Goalvideoz.com, Mightyfootball.com, Footballclips.net, 101greatgoals.com , Football-spot.com, Footballtube.com, Timesoccer.com, Footballwired.com, Goaljunky.com, Thefootballtube.com, Footie-tube.com, Footballvids.org

Tunebite can record all these videos and save them to your PC. You can also convert the videos with Tunebite and transfer them to your cell phone, iPhone, PSP, XBox and every other mobile device.


How we tested its video recording capabilities?

After downloading TuneBite, we installed it on our test machine. We do liked the option to install TuneBite as a portable software on a USB device.

tunebite install

After installation was completed we started TuneBite. Now even though TuneBite is a very powerful DRM remover and there is no doubt in that, we wanted to first check its ability to record videos off any video sites, especially the above mentioned soccer video sites and see if it lives up to our expectations.

We also tested its performance in converting those videos in our custom selected formats. We also looked at the output of the converted video before coming to any conclusions.


The Test Process

We started TuneBite and then clicked on the Web tab. Under the Web tab you will find “Record Internet Media Content,” that’s the option that will do all the work. We changed the video convert options and made it to “Universal, videos for Windows Media Player” and started surfing the web. We used our favorite browser Google Chrome first to see if it can record the soccer videos off it. We were quite surprised by the test results.

tunebite online video grabber and recorder

TuneBite not only recorded the videos in the background without interrupting our browsing session but also converted the saved video in the format we selected. We then checked quality of the converted videos and we must add that were pleased. TuneBite worked universally without any limitation of web browsers that other video recorders imposes and didn’t even added any plug-ins or extensions to the browser to record and convert the videos. It just worked silently in the background without disturbing our browsing session.

We then tested its DRM removal capabilities and were very pleased by the results. It converted our DRM’ed music and video files downloaded using Apple iTunes into normal files while keeping the quality intact. We were expecting this as we have previously tested AudialsOne Platinum, TuneBite’s big brother, which is also having the RadioTracker features.

How can you use TuneBite to record videos from football video sites?

  • Start Tunebite or if you are already having AudialsOne, start it.
  • Change to the “Web” view.
  • Click on the option “Detect internet media content” or “Record internet media content”.
  • Under the section “Convert to”, select a profile in which you want your recorded videos to be converted.
  • Open any football video site in any web browser (IE, Mozilla, Chrome, Safari supported).
  • Play the video that you like and want to record.
  • In Tunebite or AudialsOne, an item for each played football video clip will appear.
  • Export the football video as file by simply dragging it to other applications or Windows Explorer.
  • The video file can be watched with the desired player on PC, iPhone, iPod, cell phone, XBox, PSP, PS3 etc.

Tunebite will set you up for glory with soccer videos from numerous soccer portals. TuneBite freeware version lets you convert audio files for free and record lots of MP3 music & videos from web without registering.

[ Download Tunebite ]

Note: Videos from any football video sites are copyrighted. Any redistribution of them without the consent of the copyright owners may be a violation of the law in most countries, including the USA.

Where can you watch live streaming FIFA World Cup 2010 free?

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