How To Remove, Delete Or Uninstall Any Browser Toolbar, Including Google, Yahoo, Ask, AOL, or Comcast Toolbar

Majority of browser toolbars gets installed in your system accidentally when you install some software which bundles the toolbar with it. And the software installs the toolbar without giving proper notification about the install or without giving any opt-out option. Now, browser toolbars can really be a nuisance and hamper your normal browsing environment.

Most of the time they are not useful at all and clutter up your browser window. These toolbars also sometime hijack your default search engine, changes the browser homepage, etc and doesn’t restores back the old settings when removed from the system. Some of these toolbars do not offer any standard uninstall method at all and is problematic to remove them completely from your system. When you remove these toolbars, they often leave behind traces, thus not getting entirely uninstalled from your system.

Multi-Toolbar Remover comes to rescue your system and helps you get rid of multiple toolbars completely and instantly. This software is Windows only. It is free and is completely portable program. It supports removal of popular toolbars, like, Google Toolbar and Quick Search Box, Yahoo! Toolbar, Comcast Toolbar, Ask Toolbar and AOL Toolbar including AOL Radio Toolbar, AOL News Toolbar, AOL Email Toolbar and AOL TalkTalk Toolbar.

Multi-Toolbar Remover

Using the program is very simple, and is as easy as selecting the toolbars that are present in your system and then clicking on the Remove button. After Multi-Toolbar Remover completes the removal process, it notifies you.

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