The Open Source Fork Of Windows Live Writer, Open Live Writer Is Available For Download Now

Open Live Writer, an open source fork of Windows Live Writer was first made available two weeks ago on GitHub. Those who liked editing their blogs from the comfort of using Windows Live Writer, the best offline editing tool for blogs, will be glad to see it live again through the open source fork. Open Live Writer supports many popular blog service providers such as WordPress, Blogger, TypePad, Moveable Type, DasBlog, and many more.

Open Live Writer - the open source fork of Windows Live Writer

A Peak Into The History Of Windows Live Writer

Windows Live Writer soon became a very popular WYSIWYG offline blogging tool after its release. It was originally based on Onfolio Writer which was acquired by Microsoft when they bought the company behind it, Onfolio, in February 2006. The reason for its popularity was its wide support for variety of blogging systems such as WordPress, Blogger, SharePoint, TypePad, Windows Live Spaces and more. In addition, it supported plugins to enhance its features and capabilities. Soon, a plugin community grew around providing plugins to further enhance the potential of the tool.

However, Microsoft stopped updating Windows Live Essentials 2012 suite of which Windows Live Writer was a part. Along with the tool, the suite consisted of many useful other software like Movie Maker, Photo Gallery, Mail, etc. As Microsoft stopped developing Windows Live Essentials 2012, updates for Windows Live Writer also was stopped coming. The last official version of Windows Live Writer was released back on 7th August, 2012. Windows Live Writer is still used by many and it continues to work fine even today.

Open Live Writer: The Future of Windows Live Writer

Open Live Writer gives Windows Live Writer a fresh lease on life. Being reincarnated as an open source software, the opportunity to make it much more feature rich and build a stronger community is huge. We can hope to see much more plugins and more support from developers around the world. The enthusiasm of its developers can be seen by just viewing the roadmap of what to expect in the future builds of the software.

Working with Open Live Writer

Open Live Writer is available for download from its homepage. The source code can be seen at its GitHub page.

We loved Windows Live Writer and looking at Open Live Writer, we know we will fall in love with it, again! Let us know what you think about Open Live Writer.

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