Apple Releases iOS 9.1 With 150 New Emoji, Live Photos Improvements

Apple has released the most anticipated iOS 9.1 mobile operating system for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. You will not see much new features as iOS 9.1 is more of a bug fix update for the iOS 9 mobile operating system.

Apple iOS 9.1 Update

iOS 9.1: What’s New, What’s Fixed?

After you update your iOS device to the latest iOS 9.1, you will definitely notice a much stable system. Safari, Photos, CarPlay, Music, and Search apps are now much stable. The performance of the multitask user interface is improved. Live Photos now more intelligently senses when you lower or raise your iPhone. Thus the next time you use the Live Photos feature on your iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus smartphone, it will no longer automatically record those movements. Emoji lovers will love the addition of 150 new emoji characters that supports both Unicode 8.0 and Unicode 7.0 encoding.

As mentioned earlier, iOS 9.1 fixes a lot of bugs, both related to performance and security issues. Bugs related to performance and usability issues like an issue with the Month view of the Calendar app, Game Center app starting issue for some users, search issue with the Mail app where some mails do not appear in the search results, as well as a problem with zooming the content of certain apps are now fixed.

Other issues like incorrect number of unread messages from a POP3 account in the Mail app is fixed. An issue which prevented users from deleting recently added contacts from new messages or emails is fixed now. App Store should now be able to update all apps without any issues. Additionally, Apple made changes to the activation feature so that it works better for certain carriers. Coming to security issues fixed in iOS 9.1, you can see the details on the official support page here.

How Install iOS 9.1 On Your iPhone, iPad or iPod?

Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users should definitely update to the latest iOS 9.1 software release as soon as possible. If you have never updated your iOS device ever, you can do so by opening Settings and tapping on Software Update entry present in General. Let your device search for the latest update for you. Click the Download and Install button on the iOS 9.1 update, agree to the license agreement and wait for iOS 9.1 to be downloaded and installed. Before your download and install the latest iOS 9.1 update, please make sure your iOS device is plugged in or charged over 50%.

Besides the release of iOS 9.1 update, Apple also rolled out watchOS 2.0.1, a more minor update with several changes and bug fixes. Apple watchOS 2.0.1 will include the new emoji as well. It is addressing problems related to battery life, stalled software updates, iOS Calendar event syncing, instability issues, and other bugs.

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