How To Install iOS 9 Properly

Apple has finally released the most anticipated update for its mobile devices, iOS 9. The latest update is released for all supported iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices on September 16, 2015. Like many iOS device owners, if you have been anxiously waiting for the update, the wait is over now. To help you out in properly installing the latest iOS 9 update on your iOS device, we came up with this guide. Using this complete guide you should be able to figure out how to download iOS 9 and update your iPhone or iPad. You will also learn what is new in iOS 9 and if your Apple iOS device supports the latest update or not.

iOS 9 running on iPad, iPhone

iOS 9 running on iPad, iPhone. Image Source: Apple

New Features introduced in iOS 9

Apple iOS 9 may look like iOS 8 but it comes loaded with a lot of new features. Below is a list of some new and improved features that you should definitely check out.

  • Proactive Search is the new way Apple wants you to give information by predicting what you need at any given moment. This feature is accessible through a simple swipe from the left when on the home screen.
  • Apple has improved Siri a lot making the personal assistant much smarter. Siri now understands natural language and contexts better than before.
  • Multi-tasking which was introduced in iOS 8 is now smooth and it has a new carousel stream look.
  • Apple Maps now displays transit directions along with train time estimates and even directions when you are inside large train stations.
  • The improved Notes app now supports drawings.
  • The all new Wallet app replaces the Passbook app for Apple Pay and tickets.
  • Photos app is improved with new folders that automatically separates selfies and screenshots.
  • The new News app gives you quick access to the news you care for through a customized feed.
  • With iPad’s big screen, iPad users can now multi-task more efficiently using the split-screen view that lets you use two apps at once. This feature is not available on old iPad’s, not even on iPad Air.
  • Other features includes an ad blocker for Safari, and an increase in battery life.

iOS 9 Supported Devices

Before you go ahead to download iOS 9, make sure your mobile device is supported. See the table below to find out the supported iOS devices. Rest assured, if Apple provided iOS 8 update for your device, it will run iOS 9 too.

iPhone iPad iPod touch
iPhone 6s iPad Pro iPod touch 6th generation
iPhone 6s Plus iPad Air 2 iPod touch 5th generation
iPhone 6 iPad Air
iPhone 6 Plus iPad 4th generation
iPhone 5s iPad 3rd generation
iPhone 5c iPad 2
iPhone 5 iPad mini 4
iPhone 4s iPad mini 3
iPad mini 2
iPad mini

How to install iOS 9?

Before you download iOS 9 update, take a back up of your data like your photos, etc. You can either use iCloud to back up or plug it into your Mac or Windows PC and use iTunes to back up. If you do not know how to take a back up using iTunes, follow the the steps below:

  1. Open iTunes and make sure you have the latest version of it.
  2. Now, connect your device to your Mac or PC and let it sync.
  3. Click on your device and then from Summary, click on Backup now.
  4. Once iTunes completed the backup process, go to iTunes > Preferences > Devices. Find your backup and Control-click the backup. Select Archive.

Now that your data is safe let’s proceed to the actual process of downloading iOS 9 update. On your device, tap on Settings > General > Software update. Let your device search for the update. Once you get the notification of iOS 9 update available, proceed to download it over-the-air. The download size is huge so make sure you use Wi-Fi to download it.

After download is complete, proceed to install iOS 9 software update. Make sure the device’s battery is fully charged before proceeding. Tap on Install and accept the terms. Your device will restart automatically to complete the update.

Install iOS 9 update complete


If you have completed the update, let us know about your experience with iOS 9 through comments below.

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