Giveaway Yahoo Meme Invites [Expired]

Yahoo_memeYahoo Meme is Yahoo’s version of Twitter. It is in alpha stage and is invite only. Yahoo Meme is different from Twitter as it offers its users more options. The most exciting options that makes it different is Yahoo Meme’s ability to post not only text but also audio, video and images directly to a meme.

Another interesting aspect of Yahoo Meme is there seemed to be no character limit for post. Most users who are using Yahoo Meme are mostly using it for multimedia content, especially images which is the most popular memes now. Photos can be uploaded from the local computer system or by pasting a link into the upload form directly. Videos are now only accepted from YouTube and Vimeo and music can be pasted as a link that needs to point to an mp3 file on the Internet.

Update: We have managed to get around 20 invites, which will be given away! As we get more invites we will share them here!


You can follow other users just like in Twitter. The updates posted by followed users will then be displayed in the dashboard. There are several themes to choose from to change the layout. It is not as advanced as Twitter yet which becomes obvious when looking at the popular posts or users to follow. That might need some work. The concept on the other hand is user friendly and removes several of those dreaded limitations that Twitter imposes on its users.

Currently registrations are invite only and are available from an existing “Yahoo Meme” user. Luckily, we got some invitations, which we are willing to giveaway to My Technology Guide users.

(Optional) I will give these to those users who are willing to If you have managed to get an invite from us please invite at least three other My Technology Guide members who would like to join so that everyone gets an invite in the end. If you want an invite reply with a comment. No need to add your email address in the text. You do need to add it in the email field (which is only visible to admins) to receive the invitations.

Once you create the account, you can follow us at following link:

My Technology Guide’s Yahoo! Meme Page ]

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