Microsoft Windows 7 Family Pack & Anytime Upgrade Pricing Announced

Win7_HP_FAMPAC_3DL_ENMicrosoft in an official announcement has released pricing information for the Windows 7 Family Pack and Windows Anytime Upgrade. For homes with multiple PCs, Microsoft is providing an affordable solution with their Windows 7 Family Pack. This special edition of Windows 7 is basically consisting of Windows 7 Home Premium which will be licensed for installation on up to 3 PCs. It is really useful if you want to run Windows 7 on more than one PC on a home network, and share files, music and photos with your family easily.

The Windows 7 Family Pack will be available starting on October 22nd until supplies last here in the US and other select markets. In the US, the price for the Windows 7 Family Pack will be $149.99 for 3 Windows 7 Home Premium licenses. Its a great value pack as you can save more than $200 for three licenses.

With Windows Anytime Upgrade (or WAU), it is very easy to upgrade anytime to a higher edition of Windows 7. WAU allows customers on Starter, Home Premium, or Professional to upgrade to a higher version of Windows 7 without paying the full price. For a step by step procedure for WAU click here.

Windows Anytime Upgrade Path Price in US Price in EU Price in UK
Starter to Home Premium $79.99 €74.99 £69.99
Starter to Professional $114.99 €184.99 £119.99
Starter to Ultimate $164.99 €204.99 £139.99
Home Premium to Professional $89.99 €179.99 £119.99
Home Premium to Ultimate $139.99 €189.99 £124.99
Professional to Ultimate $129.99 €134.99 £84.99


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