Windows 8 Pro To Windows 8 Media Center Pack Free Upgrade Promo Until January 31, 2013

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13 Responses

  1. Jay says:


    I have one desktop pc and one laptop, both upgraded to Windows 8 Pro. I just got my first key to add the Media Center, which I did for my desktop PC.

    Can I use the same key on my laptop also? If not, can I order another key with the same email address I used before? If not, can I use my other email address?

    In other words, what does this mean exactly: “The promotional price is limited to one license per PC and a maximum limit of five licenses per customer.”.

    Thank you :).

    • Mezanul says:

      Hello Jay,

      According to the promo terms, “each license applies to only one PC and may only be installed on PCs that are running Windows 8” and “the promotional prices are limited to a maximum limit of five licenses per customer.”

      Hope it clears your doubt. :)

      • Jay says:

        “Five licenses per customer”

        meaning that if I would need 5 licenses, I also need 5 different email addresses?

        • Mezanul says:

          Microsoft did not clearly mentioned if you need five different email addresses. I assume you don’t need. Try using your same email address to request another key. If it doesn’t work, try using a different email address. ;-)

          • Jay says:

            Okies, thanks :).

            Btw.. how would they know if one person claims 100+ Product Keys using different emails… ;)

          • Mezanul says:

            The product key is for the add-on only. So, basically you still need to have a valid Windows 8 Pro key to activate Windows 8 Media Center using this product key. ;-)

            Also, Microsoft may also track the IP addresses (just an assumption). :-)

  2. lucy says:

    im still waiting on my product key can u send one to my email address please thank you…

  3. lucy says:

    ok I did 3 other email let’s see how long its going to be ….

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