Win Premium Paid Android Apps Free Everyday With Promo Codes

Every developer promotes their Android apps in some way on Google Play Store. There are also many special apps like Free App a Day or AppGratis that gives away one Android app every day. Apps like AppZapp and AppSales informs users about discounted premium Android apps. Here’s a new mobile app with a unique concept of giving away more than free premium Android apps every day. Developed by Jack Underwood, The Promo Codes app gives every Android user a chance to win a free paid app every day.

The Promo Codes app is special and unlike its counterparts, you are only given one chance to win a free paid app every day. If you are lucky and you win, you will receive a special promo code which you can apply when you are about to download the app. The chances of winning every day are slim and thus on most days you won’t get a free app.

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The description of the app on Google Play Store reads:

Promo Codes is a service built to offer developers a place to advertise their high quality apps, in exchange for offering users a chance to win it for free!

Every 12 hours you’ll be show a random app from our high quality, curated selection. If you’re lucky, there’s a small chance you’ll be able to get it for free! If you’re not lucky, you’ve hopefully discovered a high quality app that you may want to buy/download anyway.

If you want to find high quality apps and support developers whilst also having chance to win the odd app for free, you should definitely download Promo Codes!

If you’re expecting to win often, you’re wasting your time downloading Promo Codes.

How To Use Promo Codes App To Win Premium Paid Android Apps Free Every Day

Using Promo Codes app is easy. All you need to do is launch the app and tap on “I’m feeling lucky” button. After you few seconds you will know if you get any free app and your luck was by your side or not. Some of the notable premium apps available for win are Relay for Reddit, Nova Launcher, Today Calendar Pro, Impressions, Focus, Franco Kernel Updater, Twee, Progression, and Shuttle. The list may not be long but expect more premium apps getting added to the list in the next few weeks.

Download Promo Codes app from Google Play Store

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