YouTube Redesigned Homepage, Channels View, Now More Social

YouTube introduced Redesigned Homepage and Channels view making it look closer to the Google+ look.

If you remember, few days back we provided a sneak peek into the new YouTube look. We also shared a simple cookie hack, using the hack, you can enable the new YouTube look. No more hacks required any more as the look has been officially finalized for YouTube.

When you login to your YouTube account, you’ll be greeted with recent activity from your subscriptions. You can also browse and add new Channels to your homepage. Connect with Google+ and Facebook to share your favorites with friends. Wait, what? Facebook integration? Well, it seems integrating both Google+ and Facebook together, Google wants to invite the large user base of Facebook to also try out their new Google+ social network by using YouTube as a bridge between the two.


Watch the introduction video below to get an overview of what’s new.

An instruction manual is also available at

Read more about the redesign on the YouTube blog.

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