CloudShot: Screenshot Tool That Automatically Uploads Shots To Dropbox

CloudShot is an open source screenshot application for Windows users that features Dropbox account integration. The program allows you to take screenshots of selected region, just a window, menu, or tooltip. You can use it with multiple monitors, and it includes a history with the 10 most recent screenshots. With its unique Dropbox account integration feature, the program uploads the screenshots taken by it to your Dropbox account. Thus allowing you to freely accesses all your screenshots from multiple computing devices. The program allows you to save the screenshots in JPG and PNG format and keeps a history of the 10 most recent screenshots.

Dropbox is an awesome service to keep your files in the cloud and we use it extensively. It also lets you share files publicly and collaborate with others within a folder. If you are a Dropbox “power user,” you should check out CloudShot.

How to use CloudShot and upload screenshots directly to your Dropbox account?

Download and install CloudShot from the download link given at the end of this article. You should also have official Dropbox application installed on your system. CloudShot requires the official application installed on your system for uploading the screenshots. Upon first install, CloudShot takes you directly to the Settings dialog box. From this dialog box you can change the image format between PNG and JPG. Select options to Copy Image to ClipboardCopy Image Path to Clipboard and Open Image After Shot. You can set a custom hotkey (or keyboard shortcut) for taking screenshots to avoid conflict with other screenshot taking applications.


The program supports two modes for taking screenshots: Custom Screen Area Capture (taken by pressing the hotkey) and Window Capture (simply press the hotkey and click on the desired window to capture it). When a screenshot is captured, CloudShot automatically uploads the image to your Dropbox account. You can get access to the 10 most recent screenshots by right-clicking on the system tray icon of the program and selecting Recent Shots option.

Watch a small video demonstrating the program below.

CloudShot is a freeware download for Windows operating system.

Download CloudShot

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