List of Software that Crashes Google Chrome Released

At the Google Chrome Help Forum, Google employee Blair has posted a list of software identified to crash Google Chrome web browser. In the list users will also find some popular software such as WinMount, NVIDIA NTune, SpeedBit Video Accelerator, etc listed along with others that causes instability in Google Chrome.

Blair suggests to temporarily disable the marked softwares and see if it resolved Chrome crashes. Blair also listed some softwares, for which you can simply disable some of its functions without disabling the software completely to solve crash issues.

Listed softwares that needs to be disabled to solve Google Chrome crash issues are:

  • Venturi Firewall
  • WinMount
  • PPLive
  • NVIDIA network access manager
  • NVIDIA NTune
  • IS3 Anti Spyware
  • SpeedBit Video Accelerator
  • Folder Guide

List of softwares which you can use by disabling some of its functions to solve crash issues are:

If you have Internet Download Manager (IDM), disable the ‘Advanced browser integration’ option within IDM (go to Options > General).

If you have NVIDIA Desktop Explorer, try removing the nvshell.dll library using the steps on this site:

If you have FolderSize, try the fix on this site:

If you have NOD32 version 2.7, upgrade to the latest version of NOD32 or disable internet monitoring in NOD32 2.7.

It is also noticed by Google that certain malware also causes Google Chrome to crash. Blair suggested to find and delete the following malware:

To find and remove offending libraries, go to Start > Run, enter “cmd“, and check in %windir%\system32 for userlib.dll, tcpipdog0.dll, tcpipdog1.dll, and tcpipdog3.dll. If you find them, delete them.

You should also search for userinit32.exe, which you can remove using PrevX from this link:

Tip: Download Emsisoft Anti-Malware and clean your computer off any virus and malware.

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