How To Get Old Google Results Page Back?

Google Search Engine users must have noticed the new Google home page and search results look. At the official Google Blog, Jon Wiley, Senior User Experience Designer, posted a brief information about the new re-design. He said:

We made hundreds of prototypes and gathered feedback from user studies, Googlers and through experiments – including one of our largest visible experiments ever. In the end, we came up with a design that provides dynamic, relevant search tools on the left, while lightening and updating the aesthetics all around. […] The logo was the foundation for new icons and hundreds of tiny alterations designed to accommodate and seamlessly integrate the expanded functionality of the left-hand panel.

Personally I like the new look of Google, but many Google users were not very happy with the new look and wanted the old classic Google back. Some discussions are also going on at the official Google web search help forum. Here we are highlighting some of the solutions that will come handy to get back the old classic Google search page and Google search results.

The new look of Google search page looks something as shown below in the screenshot:

New Google Look

If you don’t like the new look and want the old classic Google search back, then follow any of the method below:

1. The first and the most simple method is to open Google using the link below, you’ll get the old Google search page instead of the new one. Bookmark the link below to get the classic Google look.

Classic old Google search or Alternate link to get classic Google search back.

(tip by official Google web search help forum users)

2. Another method specially for Google Chrome users is as follows:

Click on the Wrench icon wrench icon and then select Options. Under Google Chrome Options dialog box, click on the Basics tab and then click on the Manage button under Default Search.

Click on the Add button, and type the following:

Name: Google Classic Search
URL: {google:baseURL}search?hl=all&sourceid=chrome&ie={inputEncoding}&q=%s

manage Chrome search engines

Now, click on the OK button and then click on Make Default to make this new search engine your default Google Chrome search engine. (tip by ZippyDoDa at the official Google web search help forum)

After you make a search query using the link above or using the custom Google search engine in Google Chrome, you will see the old Google search page results as shown in the screenshot below:

old classic Google search

If you have used some other method to get back the good old classic Google search back, do share it below!

Also, don’t forget to share your views about the new Google re-design. Do you like it? Should the new design be made optional for the users? Share your views through your comments below.


    • Bob Thurman says

      how do I get my old igoogle home page back I like it and If I can’t get it back I will go the an onther website. so tell me if i’m going to get it back

  1. Antiqueight says

    Thank you so much for this – the new results page was making it impossible for me to find anything. If Google keep this page and lose the classic search page I will be forced to give up on Google. They make it very hard to stay with them when they keep changing the appearance of the user interface. Once I have gotten used to the interface one way, to change to a new one takes time and effort I really don’t have to spare.

    Subtle changes are one thing, totally redoing the results page is infuriating. Your help on this is greatly appreciated.

  2. Dave says

    For adding a solution wqhich doesn’t accept the keyword provided to your own clients/users a C-
    For removing the “search within results” button I am expelling you after 9 years and litterally millions of searches…
    I am a buyer in the contracting industry. When I needed it I went to Google, then kept narrowing the field of responses until I found what I was looking for…now that is gone and so am I.

  3. Sad Googler says

    Don’t like the new Google, especially the Google intrusion on the left side of the page when search results come up. I am going to take Brad’s suggestion and try Duckduckgo. It looks easy like the wonderful old Google.

  4. heather says

    hi yes i like the old google also i found it much faster and easy to use the new google is very slow and i found it crashies or the time when you are try to open a page i want to go back to the old google

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