Google Drive Cloud Storage Service Launching Soon

SK Mezanul Haque

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2 Responses

  1. May Thy says:

    Yeah, I hope this service is comming soon :)

  2. rex3y says:

    I have finally decided to backup my files online and was confused with what to go with. I cannot risk loosing important files. I have tried various options Synctoy, Allwaysync, Toucan, dropbox, box, sugarsync. Box gives 50 gb but is essentially useless as the free version cannot sync.

    Comparing Dropbox free and Sugarsync free:
    * Dropbox gives 2gb, Sugarsync 5gb.
    * Dropbox gives 500mb per successful referral, Sugarsync gives 2gb for inviting 20 friends, 500mb per successful referral, 10gb if they take up a paid account.
    * Dropbox is easy, Sugarsync is just as easy but has more features.
    * Dropbox syncs only the dropbox folder (there is a way around this, but all folders will still be uploaded to a single folder), Sugarsync can sync any folder and unlimited number of folders.
    * Sugarsync lets you sync unlimited number of devices.
    * Sugarsync can also stream music.

    Get 7.5gb (5+0.5+2) by clicking this link:

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