The day at last came, when one of the world’s fastest browser, Opera gets the much wanted feature, support for extensions. Even though Opera is one of the most customizable browser, yet its lack of support for extensions till Opera 10 was like the missing puzzle piece for Opera users. Now, Opera with the release of Opera 11 alpha has added this missing piece. Opera browser is unique in many ways and has its own fan base. Many of the modern features, like tabs, speed dial, integrated web search, data synchronize, etc that are now defacto for almost all browsers today were first seen in Opera.

Opera has Widgets feature that is still unique feature. Now, Opera extensions allows you to easily add new functionality to your Opera browser. These extensions are created using familiar open standards: HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript, along with supported APIs. Opera has also launched Opera Extensions website: https://addons.labs.opera.com/addons/extensions/. Opera 11 alpha is available directly from Opera software for all supported operating systems and only available in English. Only the windows version is directly available for download on Opera Next, the Mac OS X and Linux versions can be downloaded from Opera’s Snapshot server.

Application launchers serve one and only one important purpose, to provide you fast access to your frequently used items. Zum is the new kid in application launcher market. It is simple but doesn’t compromises on functionality. It provides an easy way to organize and access your frequently used application shortcuts.

Zum is completely free application launcher for Windows. Zum is small and the installation procedure does not take too long to complete. After installation, it will ask you if you want to manage applications and websites. On clicking the manage button, it displays the following window:

I’m happy to announce the launch of the Official My Technology Guide fan page on Facebook. Now, our readers on Facebook will be able to follow My Technology Guide’s updates and happenings on Facebook. This will also help us to come even closer to our readers via the interaction through the “My Technology Guide Fan Page”. Readers can easily contribute more through their comments and feedback on the articles on our Facebook Fan Page.

One of the great things about our Fan Page is that any Facebook user can post their comments, feedback, suggestions, criticism on My Technology Guide’s Fan page ‘Wall’.