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Mozilla has officially announced Firefox for Windows 10 on the foundation’s official blog. The official release of Windows 10 is set on July 29, 2015. With the new operating system Microsoft is shipping its brand new Microsoft Edge web browser. The upcoming Edge web browser is already getting a lot of publicity thanks to the Windows Insider program. The browser wars may start again with the arrival of Microsoft Edge, an attempt by the Redmond software giant to keep up with the modern web. The announcement of Mozilla Firefox for Windows 10 is a proof that the battle will soon get more fierce.

After the first release of Mozilla’s “developer’s” build of FirefoxFirefox Aurora, Mozilla debuted Channel Switcher that lets users switch on the fly among Aurora, Beta, and Release versions of the web browser.

The benefit of the built-in channel changer is that users who want to see what’s coming in future versions of Firefox can now do so without having to download a separate installer (Google was also having something similar for Chrome web browser called Google Chrome Channel Changer, which is now deprecated and not recommended by Google).

Here’s a quick update for all our Mozilla Firefox web browser users. Mozilla has updated its popular web browser Firefox incrementing the version to Firefox 3.6.11. This new version fixes several stability and security issues found in the earlier version Firefox 3.6.10.

Users who are already using Mozilla Firefox can update to the latest version by using clicking on the Help menu and selecting Check for Updates option. Firefox will also automatically let know users automatically about the update very soon.

Firefox 3.6.10 stability update fixes a single stability issue affecting a limited number of users, found in earlier version 3.6.9 of Firefox. If you want to get more details about the issue, then you can visit the Bugzilla listing for a list of bugs fixed in Firefox 3.6.10, or you can read more about the actual bug listing of the bug that caused the stability issues.

Firefox 3.6.9 users should receive automatic update notifications in the browser already, (mine is already updated) which is a sign that the bug fix is critical for stability of the Firefox web browser.

Mozilla recently released a security update for their popular Firefox web browser, version 3.6.7. Firefox 3.6.7 fixes several security issues that were found in the 3.6.6 version. Over half of the vulnerabilities fixed in Firefox 3.6.7 were listed as “Critical,” which is the highest danger level that Mozilla associates with security issues.

Mozilla has now done a quick update of Firefox 3.6.7 to Firefox 3.6.8, which according to The Mozilla Developer Center blog, “fixes a single stability problem that affected some pages with embedded plugins”.

Firefox 3.6.4 will bring in a new era of Mozilla Firefox web browser. With Firefox 3.6.4, Mozilla is not releasing just another minor update to its open source browser, but rather are going for a new Firefox evolution. In today’s tough competition in the browser market with so many tough competitors, it is very much-needed for Firefox to have a secure place. If you see closely, you will find that Firefox 3.6.4 has swallowed the development of Firefox 3.7 as Mozilla wants to boost the stability of Firefox through the introduction of a completely new feature, which is designed to cut off plug-ins from the main Firefox process and run them in as a separate process.

According to Mozilla’s latest plans, Firefox 3.6.4 is scheduled for release on June 1st, 2010, almost two months after the earlier release, Firefox 3.6.3, which was a critical security update.