YouTube Movies: Watch Over 3000 Full-Feature Movies Online

Google has relaunched YouTube’s movie rental service, and gave it the much-needed shot for its revival. Google kicked off the relaunch of the online movie rental service which will allow you to watch movies online with more than 3,000 full-length movies from major Hollywood studios on Monday. Some of the films are free to watch, and others can be rented for a very small fee.

Since, YouTube claims of over 2 billion views per day, it only makes sense that they expand what they have to offer. Recently Google unleashed their live streaming service, and additionally YouTube Next.

YouTube originally launched this movie rental service in early 2010 after negotiations with major studios in 2009 didn’t get very far. The first launch included several independent films that debuted at the Sundance Film Festival. Later in the year, YouTube quietly added about 500 films to the service, still largely independent fare, but including a handful of well-known movies like Reservoir Dogs, Precious, Pi, and The Cove.

YouTube Movies

The new relaunch now includes classic content like Caddyshack, Goodfellas, Ghostbusters, and Taxi Driver as well as recent hits like Inception, The King’s Speech, The Social Network, and The Kids Are All Right.

Google has kept the pricing largely same as the iTunes Store and Amazon Video on Demand. Rentals cost between 99¢ and $3.99, and most rentals can be viewed within a 24 hour window. Along with each movie, YouTube is also including reviews, behind-the-scenes clips, cast interviews, and other media with each movie. These are the new links to the services:

YouTube has also updated their search feature. It will still show results from everything on YouTube, but the specific channel you are searching for will show up at the top as preferred.

If you can’t find a film that you like, it might be added soon! As YouTube Product Manager, Matt Darby, said in a recent post:

“Over time we’ll also be adding additional videos and features to YouTube Movie Extras so that you can get even more into movies on YouTube.”

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