MacHeads The Movie – Streamed online for free by SnagFiles, Watch it now!

SnagFilms recently acquired the 2009 feature-length documentary MacHeads which explores the loyalty of Apple Fanatics and their obsession. The best part is you can watch it free online.

The synopsis:

In 1985, Apple aired the commercial Macintosh the Computer for the Rest of Us offering the public the possibility of using computers in their homes for the first time. MacHEADS follows the story of the Macintosh community and its unconditional devotion to Apple Inc. For them the Mac was not just a machine – it came with a social movement, a whole community which believed they were going to change the world. MacHEADS : is a feature-length documentary which explore the loyalty of Apple Fanatics and their obsession. The film takes an in-depth examination of just what makes the Mac, the iPhone, and Apple’s other products seem like cultural phenomena and not just consumer electronics.


MacHeads is embedded on for your viewing pleasure and they encourage you watch, spread, and share it to your heart’s content.

If the movie doesn’t do it for you, SnagFilms has a library of 1,000 other documentary films that you can stream for free. :)

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