Vectorian Giotto Giveaway Winners Announced

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5 Responses

  1. ibhecks says:

    I’m really excited given the opportunity to try this great software, thanks again

  2. azziz says:

    Just got your email and indeed very happy to receive it. Very easy instal and runs fine. Congrats to all winners and many thanks to you and to the softmaker for providing such giveaway.

  3. Bionic says:

    kindly thanks ratko bozovic “” & mezanul “”
    i received registration pin in my email, mezanul forwarded this professionally.

    i’ll mention this hence i’ve seen other bloggers passing codes&winnings very badly, does this very well and makes you feel like a true winner.

    btw, if you lack of ideas in software promotions, you can try this url hence you are a blogger.

    i’ve mentioned your great blog to the developer, wether he will pass licensees to your readers, i don’t know
    he had a sale for snapdraw on bitsdujour the other day, great program of wich i’ve paid for.
    i’m sure your readers would love this if he grants it (doesn’t hurt to ask) and your reviews are great.

    now i’ts time to fire up vectorian, thanks once more & congratulations to the rest.

  4. Mezanul says:

    Congrats to all other winners too!

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