Easily Fix Windows XP Problems With XP Quick Fix Plus

You may have found a lot of complex Windows utilities that does extensive scans and provides you fixes for those problems. Sometimes you look for one-click solutions to fix the common system problems found in Windows XP. XP Quick Fix Plus is one such application. Don’t misunderstand its potential by looking at its small footprint, it’s a powerful freeware utility that does what its name suggests. With some 40 one-click buttons you can quickly fixes the most common problems Windows XP problems.

This utility software is completely portable and it doesn’t need any kind of installation. To run XP Quick Fix Plus you simply need to run its executable file. Having a portable fix-it utility has its own perks. You just need a pen-drive to keep it and carry it around. The next time your friend calls you for help, you can help them deal with their Windows XP system.

To fix a problem in Windows XP you just press the right button and let the tool do its job. For example, if for some reason the registry editor is disabled in Windows XP, or the task manager is disabled, or any of the other 40 Windows XP problems occurs, click on the button that fixes the problem and XP Quick Fix Plus will auto-magically repairs the problem for you. With a detailed description offered by XP Quick Fix Plus, when you hover you mouse pointer over a fix-it button, you won’t go wrong with this little utility.

XP Quick Fix Plus

XP Quick Fix Plus has the simplest user interface that lets you easily access forty fix-it utility tools for Windows. If you do need some help, simply hover your mouse pointer over a button, you can view an explanatory help text to learn about the commonly found problems behind system errors.

When you click on the button which fixes the problem you want to fix, XP Quick Fix Plus will attempt to fix the error. After it has completed its work, it displays a message to let you know whether it was successful or not. In a case there is no way to run XP Quick Fix Plus from Windows or if you need to run the fix from a batch file or script, there is a simple command line utility (QFC.EXE) included in the original zip file.

To use XP Quick Fix Plus command line utility, first open a command line (cmd.exe), then change the directory to the program folder where XP Quick Fix Plus is installed and run QFC.EXE using the required parameter listed below:

QFC /t – Quickly Enable the Task Manager
QFC /r – Quickly Enable the Registry Editor
QFC /f – Quickly Enable the Folder Options
QFC /e – Quickly Restore the Run Dialog
QFC /p – Quickly Restore My Computer Properties
QFC /x – Quickly Fix Windows can’t run .exe files

Note: The parameters are case-sensitive and you can run only one of the command at a time. Also note that there may be a problem with the same symptoms as described in XP Quick Fix, but the problem occurred because of a different reason, then, XP Quick Fix, may not be able to solve the problem for you but it will not harm your computer.
Note: XP Quick Fix Plus is freeware, for Windows XP only.

If you want a quick and portable one-click fix-it solution to fix the most commonly found problems in Windows, you should definitely download XP Quick Fix Plus.

Download XP Quick Fix Plus from the developers website or use the Softpedia Mirror to download it.

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