Opera 10.51 Released, Recommended Security & Stability Upgrade

Opera 10.51 is released today and is a highly recommended update by the Opera team. This release addresses a couple of security issues, as well as various stability improvements and other bug fixes. According to the official change log, the two security vulnerabilities found in Opera 10.50 have been patched. Opera 10.51 fixes “an issue where the HTTP Content-Length header could be used to execute arbitrary code; an issue where XSLT could be used to retrieve random contents of unrelated documents”.

This update also improves the stability of the browser. A lot of Bugs are fixed in this update which spans across multiple components of the Opera web browser. This includes the user interface, mail, news and chat components, display and scripting, networking features. Numerous improvements have been done to the JavaScript engine “Carakan” which improves performance. However even after this long list of Bug fixes, Opera Software considers Opera 10.51 as an important security release only.

opera web browser

The other notable changes that are introduced with Opera 10.51 is mainly to speed up the browser even more, more than Opera 10.50. As stated by the Opera Desktop Team in the release announcement, “Peacekeeper can be up to 20-30% faster than in Opera 10.50 (in fact, Opera 10.51 is currently listed as being part of the fastest system at Peacekeeper”.

Opera 10.51 final is a Windows-only release, but we are working hard on bringing the Mac and Unix versions to product quality. The build is the same as RC3. Interested users can read the official change log.

This update is an automatic update as made clear by the Opera Desktop Team, “As this is a security release, it will be available as an automatic update for Opera 10.50 and older versions that support automatic updates.”

If you want to manually update to Opera 10.51, then you can download from the link (Update: Link now points you to the latest Opera browser version) below:

Download Opera 10.51

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