File Association Fixer – Easily Fix/Restore File Associations in Windows

File associations in Windows can get jeopardized either due to a corrupted registry or a malicious virus attack. The latter can also cause further problems like disabled system tools and file associations so that it becomes harder to spot and remove the virus or malicious software from the PC. File Association Fixer is a free portable software for the Windows operating system that can easily fix the broken file associations. File association basically links a file type, like .jpg or .txt, to a program so that when a file with the particular file type is executed, it is opened in the default program set.

File Association Fixer

File Association Fixer detects whether you have Windows 7 or Windows Vista installed and so offers you the relevant fixes only. File Associations Fixer displays a list of file types sorted alphabetically on launch.

A click on any of the offered file types will reset the file association to the default program. This has to be done for every file type that is to be fixed.

A restart is required for the new file associations to be loaded by the Windows operating system.

File Association Fixer can be a helpful program after a virus attack. The computer program is compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7 and can be downloaded from here.

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