How To Detect Incompatible Software, Malware and Program Errors with Kaspersky GSI

GetSystemInfo (GSI) is a very useful tool similar to HijackThis, but more powerful, created by Kaspersky Lab. GSI is used to collect system information to troubleshoot technical issues, detect incompatible software, detect known and unknown malware, and program function errors. Just like HijackThis, it first scans your computer and creates a log file which you can then upload to the online GSI parser for analysis. After you have finished uploading the log file, the online GSI parser then scans all the information present in the log file and parses it into an easy readable format. Because of the online parser, users with limited computer experience can also troubleshoot an issue on their own easily.


The steps involved to use GSI effectively are as follows:

  1. First, download the latest version of Kaspersky GSI (You can get the latest version 4.0 here. It is compatible with Windows XP and Vista, for Windows 2000, NT and 98 download version 3.)
  2. Now, run GSI (Vista users needs to run GSI as an Administrator) and create a report log file.
  3. The default settings are set to collect recommended system information. You can change the settings easily by clicking on Settings and then moving the slide bar, or else you can also manually change the scanning criteria. It is recommended to close all other applications running on the system before running GSI.
  4. Now upload the report log file to the online GSI Parser for analysis. You will get your results within a few seconds after upload completes. GSI Parser will then show you the result of the analysis in an easy to read format.

Note: If you want to detect malware in your computer, it is recommended to change the settings to the highest. The reason for this is to allow GSI to deep scan for files in the system32 and system32drivers directories.

You can also create a free account at GSI to rate the files and also write comments. Even though using GSI might be easy, but, it is recommended that you have some level of experience in using computer.

Visit Kaspersky GSI Parser Website ]

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