77 Tips to Make Windows 7 Faster, Secure, Easy to Use

windows7logoWindows 7 is pretty much faster and meaner than Windows Vista. If you want to get more out of Windows 7, you will definitely like the article posted at  the Microsoft’s TechNet website.

Using the 77 tips and tricks covered in the article, you can:

  • Make Windows 7 faster
  • Get more done with Windows 7
  • The best Windows 7 shortcuts
  • Securing Windows 7

All the tips mentioned in the article are very useful and are very worthy if you have Windows 7 or is going to get it soon. Many writers have contributed to the article.

Included with the 77 tips are 14 best Windows 7 Keyboard shortcuts to get things done quickly and easily. The shortcuts mentioned in the article are as follows:

  • Windows Key + H – Move current window to full screen
  • Windows Key + I – Restore current full screen window to normal size or minimize current window if not full screen
  • Windows Key + Shift + Arrow – Move current window to alternate screen
  • Windows Key + D – Minimize all windows and show the desktop
  • Windows Key + E – Launch Explorer with Computer as the focus
  • Windows Key + F – Launch a search window
  • Windows Key + G – Cycle through gadgets
  • Windows Key + L – Lock the desktop
  • Windows Key + M – Minimize the current window
  • Windows Key + R – Open the Run window
  • Windows Key + T – Cycle through task bar opening Aero Peek for each running item
  • Windows Key + U – Open the Ease of Use center
  • Windows Key + Space – Aero Peek the desktop
  • Ctrl+ Windows Key +Tab – Open persistent task selection window, roll mouse over each icon to preview item and minimize others

You can find the complete article at the Microsoft TechNet Website. You can also get 28 extra basic Windows 7 tips and tricks from Microsoft Partner site from here. The zip file has four PDF files that covers all the basic for using Windows 7.

Thanks to Rob Margel for the information about the 77 Tips and the 28 basic tips.

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